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Powerful words.

Seize the moment - act on your dreams today ♡


Powerful words.

Seize the moment - act on your dreams today ♡

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Make a conscious decision today to change your outlook on life - don’t let others define what you are.
Choose to live out your dreams and be happy :)

Make a conscious decision today to change your outlook on life - don’t let others define what you are.

Choose to live out your dreams and be happy :)


Here’s to a New Year and a New Beginning :)

          Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Actually make a Resolutions list – I’ve never done that before hehe
  2. Make a video diary (something else I’ve never done before) to document my progress with the resolutions and what I’m generally doing in my life. I love making videos and playing them back to watch them, so this’ll be a good way to combine things that I love. Sometimes, you just want to talk about things and you know people won’t understand, so why not just talk to yourself and help yourself gain a better understanding? In the future, I’d love to look back and see what I was like in a video.
  3. Make a good playlist, full of inspirational, motivational things. It doesn’t matter if they’re speeches or I don’t know…whale noises. They’ve just got to make me feel good or reflective or something emotive.
  4. Finish writing my book. Well, I say finish writing the book, but what I really mean is ‘finish writing the plan for the book.’ It’s an interesting plot full of complex characters, and I’m so proud of it, so now it’s just a matter of getting all the words down and sharing it with others.
  5. Try some DIYs this year. I’m serious – I always see stuff on Pinterest and peoples’ blogs that they’ve made and it actually looks pretty impressive, so I’d love to do some DIYing of my own. I think I’d like to make a circle skirt this year and maybe customize a bag or old necklaces or something. Even though I tend to break things rather than make things, I’m going to give it a shot.
  6. Form my own personal opinion on life. This one sounds stupid, I know, but more often than not, I find myself listening to what someone says and just agreeing with it. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but this year I want to be able to form my own opinion on things. I should do some research into the topic of choice, like say…politics, and be able to share my views without feeling bad or like I’m saying the wrong thing just because not everyone agrees. It’s all about developing your own take on the world and challenging those around you to come to your own justified conclusion.
  7. Commit to more volunteering and extra curricular activities. Apparently this seems to top generic resolutions list for people, but I don’t care – it’s something I feel is really important to look into. I already do some volunteering with homeless people and go to a few school clubs, but I actually want to be able to commit to them more. I’d love to take part more and become more involved, so I feel like I’m actually making a difference there. I’d also love to take up some more extra curriculars – not too many though – like maybe a language and a sport. I think French is such a beautiful language and I’d love to study it more thoroughly than I did at school, and I love playing badminton, so maybe that’s something to consider too.
  8. Tick off all of the To Do Lists I’ve made. As a world-class procrastinator, I tend to make lists of things to do to feel more productive. In reality, I don’t actually get half of the stuff on there done, but it just makes me feel more organized to know that it’s all written down. This year though, I want that to change. I’d love to be able to finally tick all the stuff off and chuck all of the lists away – especially seeing as I’ve got at least 20 lying around the house…
  9. Use my tumblr blog/Twitter/Instagram to share positive messages with others. Again, kind of a weird resolution, but the way I see it, if you’re making yourself happy, why not share your positivity with others too? It’s always great to inspire yourself and others at the same time :)
  10. Get rid of at least one bad habit and gain at least one good habit. I think this is pretty manageable – apparently, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so hopefully I’ll be able to achieve this. I’m not too sure yet what I should change about myself, but I’ll think of something.
  11. Become healthier. Hmm, maybe cutting back on the junk food should be my bad habit to get rid of…but seriously; I really want to become healthier. At this point, losing weight is something that I need to do, but I’d rather focus on being healthier than being skinnier. There’s a difference, you see. Healthier entails being able to run and jump and hike for hours on end, whilst skinnier just…involves looking good. So I’d like to tap into my inner health freak and actually take care of my body – since apparently it’s a temple and whatnot.
  12. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday, and start drinking green tea regularly. I actually love drinking water – especially when it’s ice-cold on a hot day :) But even if it’s not, I tend to drink about 4 glasses of water maximum everyday. I need to double that to get healthier, and also try drinking green tea for health purposes too :)
  13. Learn how to cook more than just toast. Wait, hold on. You don’t even cook that. Shit.Just kidding – but I’d actually like to teach myself how to make the basics and also some interesting meals too. So for the basics – pasta/spaghetti/lasagna, rice, curry, eggs/omelette, pancakes, French toast (haha, toast), jacket potato, cake, stir fry, soup, steak/turkey/lamb/chicken. I know the theory of these things, I’ve just…never made them…but that’s going to change this year :)
  14. Turn some ideas into actual projects. Again, linking in with my need to stop procrastinating and actually get stuff done, I think I should actually make the ideas I’ve got written down into realities. My dreams and ideas are a very important part of my creativity, so living them out is something I definitely want to do.
  15. Read at least one book a month. I love reading – despite the fact that I end up daydreaming halfway through – so I’d love to be able to do more of it. I’d also like to read more than just fiction – non-fiction, books on subjects I’m interested in, etc.
  16. Draw something everyday. It doesn’t matter what it is – it could be a random doodle or an interpretation of the Sistine Chapel mural. Point is, I love drawing, and it’s something I wish I could make more time for. Which leads me on to…
  17. Stop using the excuse of ‘I don’t have time for_______.’ I do have time. Or if I don’t, I’ll make time. I’d like to make 2014 my year, where I get the stuff I always talk about getting done erm…done. Seriously, 2014 is going to be awesome – and I look forward to it.  So, without further ado, this is going to mark the start of a fresh beginning and I can’t wait :D
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i really just want to road trip around north america with a group of friends and maybe a boyfriend and have an awesome indie/alternative/pop/rock soundtrack playing at all times and we crash in motels and eat greasy diner foods and take turns driving and see stupid land marks and take lots of pictures and it’s fun and easy and cliche and stupid 

fuck yes

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A man with OCD recites a poem about his one true love. I legitimately cried.

Okay I’m crying now.


today in english class someone was playing dubstep and my teacher asked “who’s listening to a pencil sharpener”

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narrowing down my “type” of guy is really hard because one second i’ll see a guy that’s clean shaven in a button down with the sleeves rolled and be like WHOA and the next i’ll see a guy with a full sleeve beanie and scruff and be like WHOA

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Oh, the things you find on the Internet when you&#8217;re bored and hungry and supposed to be doing homework :)

Oh, the things you find on the Internet when you’re bored and hungry and supposed to be doing homework :)

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And wouldn’t it be nice if we all found beauty in the simplest of things?

A speck of dust, a tiny snowflake.

The world through another’s eyes.

Sweet dreams everybody :”)xx

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Goodbye, Breaking Bad.

It’s been awesome <3

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James Dean on the set of Rebel Without a Cause (1955)


James Dean on the set of Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

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Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

Best film ever :)